Lionheart's Chief Tactical Officer (PC)


Yel_Lt_2373.pngHeight: 5’ 6"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Green

Borok is a fit Ferengi who stands a bit taller than average.


Borok is a Victim of his own success. Born on Frenginar, Borok had a knack for getting around security systems.
He landed his first apprenticeship when he found a security loophole in a Sub Nagus’s Vault. Ever since then, he became one of the best security and tactical minds in the Ferengi Alliance.

But Borok became the target of industrial espionage. Not only by competitors who wanted the secrets from the companies he worked for. Liquidators from the Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA) fear that his customers might be using his security measures to hide profit from the FCA. And theses Liquidators started to Pressure Borok into Lose-Lose Contracts. Realizing that the FCA might confiscate his earnings, he started funneling his life savings off of Frenginar. He rented a Security Locker on the federation space station Deep Space 9, figuring he would be away from the FCA’s influence while still being in contact with other Ferengi.

But on his final trip to DS9. His shuttle was attacked by a Ferengi vessel, under the authority of the FCA. Fortunately, Thanks to his skills he picked up from his trade. He avoided inevitable destruction long enough to receive Assistance from the USS Defiant. Figuring that he was going to be considered a outcast by the Ferengi alliance, Rom inspired him to use his Skills for Star Fleet. Though Borok knew it wouldn’t be as profitable, He took the opportunity seeing that he won’t be having a target on his back anymore.

Personality: Borok tends to be a very “too business” approach to his work. A testament to his ferengi heritage. He takes his work seriously, and prefers to get things done 5 minutes before hand. When not working, he likes do indulge in competition. Many Ferengi like gambling but in Borok’s case, he sees the act of competition helps keep his mind sharp. Even in Star Fleet, he never completely forgotten the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. Believing that Tactical Advantage to be just another form of profit.

Skills/Talents: He makes it his Duty to know the capabilities of his adversaries. He has a vast knowledge of Starships, Weapons, security measures and the like. And he has a good sense how much security is necessary in particular scenarios. He’s quick with a phasor If a heated situation arises. Though he’s not too fond of Hand to hand combat, as most of his opponents are larger than him. Borok prefers Cunning over Brute Force.

His desire for competition has made him a fair Gambler. Though he’s doesn’t like games of Pure Chance. No one has been ever known to cheat him in any game. He’s Fairly good at detecting scams.


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