Juliette Taylor

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r-o4.pngSpecies: Human
Birthplace: Janus VI Mining Colony
Birth Year: Stardate 2354
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


Juliette Taylor was a foundling raised by Ma Terrence, the former madam of an establishment of loose morals in the mining colony on Janus VI. Unbeknownst to the owners of the establishment, Ma Terrence was a rather astute businesswoman who reinvested a good portion of her earnings in solid investments. Once Ma Terrence earned enough to the establishment outright and free all of her employees, she did so. She then transformed her establishment into a refuge for those in need of a fresh start and devoted herself to assisting the colony’s less fortunate in more upstanding ways, much to the dismay of her former patrons and the colony’s less savory elements.

A year after Ma Terrence transformed her business, a newborn Juliette was placed into Ma Terrence’s care. As to Juliette’s origins, no one knew, except perhaps Ma Terrence herself, and she never offered any explanations, not even at the time of Juliette’s official adoption.

Juliette’s early childhood was idyllic, for the most part, as Ma Terrence’s social circle consisted of those who accepted her for what she was. Once she entered school, however, Juliette was subjected to the scorn and teasing of the less forgiving. She was large and strong for her age, and responded to those who would bully her with force. After the first time Juliette returned from school with a black eye and bloody nose, Ma Terrence sat her down for a frank conversation in which she emphasized the difference between those who do right and those who prey on others, and said that in no uncertain terms her daughter was going to be one of those who do right. She then taught Juliettte how to defend herself and others, and also worked on controlling Juliette’s temper. She also began to teach the girl some elements of street-smart diplomacy, hard-earned from Ma Terrence’s experiences in her former life.

Juliette spent her childhood daydreaming of escaping colony life on Janus VI and of exploring the frontiers of the future. She was a gifted student, but projected a facade of caring more about athletics and life outside school than of learning for learning’s sake. She had an assortment of friends, both human and other species, among the colony’s poor and working class kids, but was shunned by the scions of the colony’s elite.

An astute teacher recognized Juliette’s potential and suggested that she apply as a candidate for the preliminary entrance examination for Starfleet Academy. To the surprise of the rest of the colony, Juliette’s application was accepted, and she subsequently achieved the highest score on the preliminary exam at the nearest testing site. She was subsequently invited to sit for the official Starfleet Academy Entrance Examination on Earth. Her subsequent performance earned her a spot at Starfleet Academy.

At the Academy, she majored in Astrophysics, and excelled in her tactics and survival courses. She performed solidly in her academic courses and athletics pursuits, and scored highly in her leadership courses. The only flag on her record at Starfleet was an incident in her freshman year where 3 upperclassmen with Federation connections taunted her for her origins. Somehow they had enough information to know Ma Terrence’s former connections, and insinuated that Juliette herself belonged in a profession more suitable to her adoptive mother’s roots than as a Starfleet officer. Juliette lashed out in anger, knocking out one of the older students, breaking 2 ribs of the second, and breaking the kneecap of the third, before security was able to break up the fight. She spent the rest of the semester on probation and assigned to community service in all of her leave time. After a full investigation revealed a pattern of similar hazing behavior against other freshman students, the three older students who instigated the incident were dismissed for conduct unbecoming an officer.

Initially Juliette’s postings were less than stellar details, assignments on remote locations where a young officer with natural leadership talent would not have much chance to excel. But then followed an incident on Deep Space 12 where Ferengi pirates attempted to hijack a shipment of gold pressed latinum on the way to a Klingon Great House as a bribe. Juliette managed to both stop the hijacking and managed to keep the shipment’s true contents out of official records so the Klingon House managed to save face. It seemed that her action managed to counter whatever influence was keeping her down and her star was quickly on the rise. Since then Juliette’s leadership and solid performance led to a series of postings that have culminated in her current position as Executive Officer. There are rumors that she may never rise higher, however, at least not while relatives of the dismissed cadets still hold high positions in the Federation.

Juliette Taylor

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