Lionheart's Chief Counselor


2370s_sci_lt.pngRace: Caitian/Kzinti
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 145 lbs

Description: Kir is a Caitian/Kzinti halfbreed. She is small like her Caitian mother but has her fathers Kzinti heavy bone structure and coloring. She has white tiger coloring (fur and stripes). Despite her small size, she is efficient killing machine, with claws, fangs, and a sense of smell so acute, she can even smell one’s bloodline


kirsch02.jpgPersonality: Kir has a very loving personality yet she can also be very strong, stubborn and be quick to anger. Still when dealing with most issues she can control her anger and use it to help her focus. She is very loyal to her family and friends. She is also very honorable.

Star Fleet Record:
Attended Officer Candidate school, Graduated and is commissioned as an Ensign in Starfleet
Attends Security/Tactical Operations training.
Assigned as Tactical Officer aboard USS Nimitz.
Served as Brig Officer aboard USS Resolute.
Served as Security Officer aboard USS Valor Served as interim Special Investigator in murder case on the Valor.
Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Served as Assistant Chief Security Officer onboard the USS Verona.
Star Fleet Academy for Counseling training.
Graduated then assigned to the USS

Kir was born to Sharsha, a Caitian, Starfleet communications specialist and a Kzinti ambassador to Earth. It was not consentual relationship. Before Sharsha new she was pregnant she was transferred to the USS Verona NCC-46. There she met the ships Chief Security Officer Cmd. Jack Haines. Kir was born shortly after and was raised onboard. She spent most of her childhood with the “Reapers” the Verona’s special ops security team. She learned security and tactical from an early age. She was admitted to Starfleet training a couple years early than most. She passed with honors.
Her first assignment was on board the USS Nimitz as a tactical officer. She only stayed there for a year. She transferred to the USS Resolute as the brig officer. Spent just over a year onboard then transferred to the USS Valor. Serving as Security Officer she was placed as the special investigator to a murder onboard the Valor. It in tailed the death of the CMO by a grew member. She was promoted to Lt. jg. It was then she was offered her choice of her next duty. She chose to go back to the USS Verona.
Returning to the Verona was bitter sweet. The Captain she had known had retired along with her mother. Most of the crew had changed which included most of the Reapers. There were only a few of the crew that were left. One of which was Captain Jack Haines. He was still in charge of the Reapers and was also Chief of Security. Kir was very happy that Captain Haines approved her for the Reapers and made her the ACOS.
It was during one of the latest mission the Reapers were sent in to retrieve an ambassador from a hostile situation. While down on the planet things went from bad to worse. As the two factions broke the cease fire agreement the building where the ambassador was, was quickly being over run. The Reapers were pinned down and had the ambassador with them. It became clear that they could make a run for it as long as one of them stayed behind. She volunteered. But it was at the last minute that Haines pushed her out the door, forcing her to go and help save the ambassador. She vowed right then not to kill anymore. So with some small favors called in she changed her career to counseling. Graduating one of the top three in her class she was given the USS Lionhart.


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