Persi Tyr

Lionheart Chief Science Officer (PC)


2370s_sci_lt.pngRank: Lieutenant
Age: 29 (252)
Race: Trill (joined)
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slim & athletic


Persi spent most of her formative years, as usual, in the intense training to succeed in becoming a Trill host. She was brutal in her pursuit of her goals, nearly grim in countenance, definitely serious-minded.

Like all hosts, she has blended some of her host’s experiences. Thus far, the symbiote only has five previous hosts.

Carta Tyr – a Botanist who specialized in the classification of new species in newly explored planets. Rather anti-social and reclusive, she often would explore terrain, gathering and testing samples for further studies.

Pari Tyr – A notable Science Professor. He was sharp-tongued, fearless and brilliant, which earned him many applauds but Not many friends, since he was excruciatingly honest.

Arin Tyr – a canny military general who saw considerable service during the turbulent times with the Klingons. He was a very controlled, reserved and direct man.

Tamar Tyr – An astrophysicist – Shy, sweet, and self-effacing.

Bahim Tyr – A noted forensic scientist, he was often asked to conduct inquiries and studies for complex cases. He was soft-spoken and polite, more comfortable in the world of science than any social arena.

Since her joining, the blending of her host’s past has brought a rather surprising change: she’s much more adventurous, wanting to travel and explore anything remotely unknown. Some of her colleagues have even dubbed her ‘The Vagabond" as she’d as soon take working passage on a merchant junker rather than stay in one place in an esteemed position, if it gave her the chance to see something new.

Persi is a bit of a contradiction. Socially, she’s still a bit formal and shy, not willing to intrude until she knows she is welcome. Professionally, she’s on firmer ground and she’s more than willing to step up to the plate and loves little more than throwing out the odd theory, encouraging debate and speculation with the notion of encouraging thought and progress. Though, she can get a little hot-headed when in the pursuit of knowledge or truth. She thinks she’s more diplomatic than she is and is sometimes puzzled at people’s reactions. She is very logical — other’s might not follow the logic, but it’s there. One thing she is a bit self-conscious is that her markings are fainter than is ‘acceptable’ on Trill.

Enrolling in Starfleet satisfied everyone…it pleased her explorer’s soul while maintaining somewhat of a safe environment for her valuable host.

Persi Tyr

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