Rhet Oruskis

Lionheart's Chief Helmsman


2370s_cmd_ltjg__1_.pngRank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Current Assignment: Flight Controller, USS Lionheart 73058-B
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 175 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Gray
Physical description: Tall, athletic


Rhet Oruskis

Biography: Born June 11th, 2358 to an engineer and nurse in Evansville, Indiana, Rhet Oruskis grew up a family man and aspiring dreamer, wanting to one day travel across the stars. However, he suffered from anxiety and doubts due to his struggles with mathematics comprehension. His scholastic performance was poor, which lead to difficulties relating to his peers, where it came easy to them. His hopes of seeing the galaxy and to some day start his own family one day drove him forward. Not one to give up due to past failures, Rhet began intense self-taught studies on astrophysics and warp theory with the hope of joining Starfleet’s prestigious research elite.

The plan worked. He passed Starfleet Academy’s entrance exams with high marks, though it was his reports and research papers throughout his education that really caught the academy’s attention. He moved to San Francisco and was adorned a sciences cadet uniform. In his first year, he discovered that he was quite adept at piloting various craft. This would come to be important later in his career. His second year’s astrometrics research awarded him as a finalist nominee for the Cochrane Medal of Excellence. While he would not claim the award that year, the nomination was honorary enough to keep pressing onward to serve his fellow man with what he’d been blessed with. A second significant event that year would alter his life for the better: meeting Calei Brien, an Ops cadet. She would steal his heart and they wed the following year.

By his third year his wife and fellow classmates saw he was a man “born behind the stick”, urging him to consider a shift to flight control. Reluctantly, he approached his counselor with the idea and shortly after he agreed this dual role would benefit Rhet’s Starfleet career. So, that final year he would wear the four cadet pips on a red uniform. As newly appointed Ensigns, Rhet and Calei were assigned to Deep Space 4.

It was on DS4 that Rhet served as astrometrics research specialist and primary conn for all manner of Starfleet shuttles. Three years into their time there, Calei gave birth to their only child, Eilera. In 2384, reorgs in the fleet called for shifts in DS4’s operations. For his excellent service Ensign Oruskis was awarded the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned to flight controller under Capt. Hadenbeer aboard the USS Lionheart. For safety concerns and familial restrictions, it was agreed upon that Calei and Eilera would stay back on DS4, but this would not deter Rhet from frequent off-duty communications.

Rhet is personable and cordial in situations where he’s out of his element. While confident in subjects of discussion he’s very knowledgeable, but will probably remain silent on the ones he’s not. He obeys orders given, even if they seem contrary to protocol. He will gravitate towards serving family and Starfleet colleagues first and less so towards Federation ideals. He favors a dry sense of humor and no stranger to sarcasm.

Advanced knowledge of astrometrics, astrogation, and warp theory application. Exceptional piloting and flight control.

Rhet Oruskis

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