Lionheart's soundtrack

I like to think of Lionheart like a Star Trek television series or movie franchise, and what t.v. series or motion picture lacks a soundtrack?

Other than an art house film that is.

Below are links to some of the music that I think fits the Lionheart game. If you come across a particular song or film/television score that you think is appropriate perhaps I can add it to the list? Only please no obvious pieces of music, please! I don’t think a piece from John Wililam’s Star Wars soundtrack would be appropriate, for example.

Star Trek Generations, Overture

Serenity, I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar

Pacific Rim, Gipsy Danger

Iron Man, Fireman

Dredd, She’s A Pass

Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel, Don’t Give Up

Disturbed, The Light

Metric, The Shade

Journey, Rubicon

Lionheart's soundtrack

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