Dare Hadenbeer

Precocious teenage girl



Dare is a pretty thirteen year old girl, she stands a tomboyish 1.5 meters, has reddish-orange hair with a bit of a wave and bright blue eyes along with pale skin with a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and upper cheeks. She often dresses in functional patterned jump suits and outdoor boots, along with an Captain Hadenbeer’s old Starfleet uniform jacket worn open, sleeves pushed up almost to her elbows.


The youngest daughter of Ulfric and Fiona Hadenbeer, Dare had grown up on Deneva, considered one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy, whose two claims to fame were the dreaded parasites that had infested it over a century ago, the the illegal “deneva crystals” that were considered contraband throughout Federation space.

Dare had always been a good student, if a bit of a day-dreamer. Deneva is a lovely world and still requires extensive exploration and study even after so long since Federaton colonists had first broken ground, but Dare was not certain she wanted to live there. It was a huge universe out there and she had never been off planet and she wanted to see new sights before deciding what she wanted to do with her life. Her brothers and sisters were already well on their way towards being geologists, biologists, a violinist. But how to broach the subject with her loving but perhaps a little over protective parents?

And then her mysterious aunt Devin showed up. Devin seemed a little strange, if nice, and when cornered she began to open up about her career and the things she had seen. The universe was a wondrous, dangerous place and she needed to see at least a little of it! She begged her parents to spend a few months tagging along with Devin as her ward on the Lionheart. Ulfric and Fiona were initially dead set against it, but honestly except for three dimensional chess this was the first time in the girl’s life she had shown passion for anything.

And maybe, Ulfric thought, perhaps for a short while Devin needed a little family in her life…

PERSONALITY: Dare is an intelligent young woman who tries her best to hide her excitement behind a facade of cool acceptance…and usually fails. She views Devin Hadenbeer with a mixture of wonder and trepidation, she seems both larger than life and a little scary and weird. Dare is curious about almost everything, having never been off planet before and finding everything around her new and exciting, especially the varied alien races she finds on a Federation starship.

Dare is a very talented 3D chess player and a competent violinist and piano player, although she is not as passionate about music as her aunt is. She has a talent for math and being an outdoor girl from a world not yet fully tamed she can take care of herself out in the back of beyond.

Dare Hadenbeer

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