Devin Hadenbeer

Captain of the Lionheart B (GMPC)


r-o6.pngRank: Captain
Age: 38
Height: 5’ 3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Hazel

Physical description: Devin is an attractive woman in her late thirties, she possess thick auburn hair she often wears in a bun and warm hazel eyes, with a wry smile on her face. When not in uniform she often wears loose fitting slacks an a blouse tied at the waist with a belt as well as soft, comfortable shoes, all in warm colors. These days she is seldom seen without a cane in her hand.


FAMILY: Aston (Father, deceased), Hero Jordan Hadenbeer (Mother, deceased), Bryce, Ulfric (older brothers)


Born in Bexleyheath, Kent, Great Britain, Devin was part of a musical family and initially had aspirations to become a pianist. But then her brother Bryce took her on a shuttle trip to the moon and Devin was hooked; she wanted to go to space. Once she was old enough the young woman entered Starfleet Academy and in her first year she showed a knack for leadership, taking charge of various groups when team projects were initiated. Instructors noted that while she did have a bit of a talent in engineering her true talent was in tactics. In her second year Devin was steered in a new direction and her superiors had plans to fast track her career.

But things did not work out as anyone guessed. Devin’s career did indeed take off, along the way she fell in love with an engineer named Piero Sante and soon they married. And then a horrific tragedy struck. Devin was part diplomatic mission, she was on board a shuttle days before maternity leave when the vehicle was shot out of the sky by separatists. Devin was the lone survivor, but she lost the baby. Piero was unable to handle the grief and he blamed Devin for the loss of their unborn child and they soon divorced. In an effort to get her back on track Admiral Nathan Connagher gave Devin what appeared to be a simple assignment. During the Dominion War the USS Lionheart, NCC 73058, was horrifically damaged and destined for the scrap heap, but it’s last duty would be to ferry a mish-mash crew of war weary individuals to the rear lines for rest and reassignment. Devin was given temporary command. It was meant to be an easy assignment.

It wasn’t.

Hadenbeer and her makeshift crew were tossed into the future where the Dominion had won the war. A computer virus had been introduced piecemeal into the Federation’s computer network, designed to ignore the existence of a biological agent designed to slaughter humans. The plan worked and by the time the virus was discovered it was too late: ninety percent of humanity was dead and the Dominion rolled over the Federation.

Devin and company came together and formed a plan to get back home. With the aid of rebels the crippled Lionheart rode beneath the wings of an aging Romulan D’Deridex class vessel, both ships rode the timestream back home and were able to stop a Dominion agent from delivering the last element of the virus, an embittered Angosian super soldier who was talked down from performing an act he would forever regret. The rest of the virus was discovered and destroyed and Starfleet upgraded their security measures.

Months later Devin found herself back at the Academy as an instructor when she was approached by Connagher again. This time she was offered the command of the Lionheart-A, the last Akira class starship constructed. More than that, she was chosen to head a mission to explore other dimensions using an experimental drive.

The mission was a disaster.

The drive malfunctioned almost immediately, forcing Lionheart to leap from one plane to the next. Some seemed familiar, others utterly alien. Sometimes they found friends, more often than not enemies. Finally the drive was repaired just as Lionheart reached a dimension that was a cruel, twisted reflection of their own. Devin was forced to confront an embittered, soullessly ambitious version of herself. Her evil self was slain, but not before her other self infected her with a lethal virus that ate flesh, and not before Lionheart was crippled by a salvo from the “evil” Hadenbeer’s vessel, and before the other Lionheart exploded when her warp core erupted.

Lionheart drifted through space at a high percentage of light speed, while years went by outside only a few months passed within the ship. Hadenbeer and what was left of her crew barely survived, creating makeshift repairs to maintain life support and medical facilities. In the end, by the time Lionheart was found by a Starfleet scout ship, Hadenbeer lost fifty percent of her crew.

Months later, and a retired Connagher approached Devin once more. Demoralized, still recovering from her injuries, she was offered another command. And Devin said “no”. She was instead installed on the Lionheart B as a consultant.

But the Captain’s chair beckoned…



Devin is a dedicated officer who has seen numerous hardships and tragedies in her life and they have worn her down considerably. These days what seems to keep her going is a strong sense of duty and an equally powerful stubborn streak. Devin is loyal, selfless almost to a fault and brave. On the surface she seems like the ideal Starfleet officer possessing a wry sense of humor. All of this hides a melancholy spirit that often comes out through her music.


Devin is a capable tactician and able leader of beings. Her initial career track at the Academy had been Engineering, but an instructor noticed her flair for unorthodox strategic solutions and her tendency to naturally take charge in group projects, so in her second year he suggested she switch majors. While her focus since has been the tactical school she still finds herself with an urge to tinker.

Devin is a trained diplomat, although sometimes she can prove to be a bit impatient. Recognizing her limitations, she is not to proud to lean upon the skills of more tactful souls.

Coming from a musical family, Devin possesses a Masters in music from Oxford, an accomplishment she is quite proud of. She is a talented piano player and composer.

While all Starfleet officers possess hand to hand training Devin was never more than a mediocre student in those disciplines. Lately she has augmented her hand to hand skills with learning how to use her canes offensively.


Devin possesses more than a dozen canes. Most are constructed of sturdy, lightweight materials but she does have a couple which contain a small phaser in a detachable head.

Devin Hadenbeer

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