Erib th'Zarath

Eager young helmsperson (NPC)





Erib th’Zarath had heard the war stories from her older brothers, of the terrors of fighting the Dominion in the Chin’Toka system, of the horrific losses, the terrible cost to invade Cardassian space. She knew the stories were told to frighten her and her cousins, to steer them away from a career in Starfleet.

But for Erib she knew once she heard the bold tales of derring do, of how her brothers had earned commendations for bravery and the respect of their peers and superiors, she had to join Starfleet. She had to!

The Academy was soooooo boring! But Erib managed to pass her classes and she even showed a flair for a couple of the physical sciences. She was gently nudged in the direction of Operations, but she wanted to be in Tactical, to shoot phasers and photon torpedoes. Zap! Kabooooooooooooom!

It was perhaps for this reason that her superiors, in their supreme wisdom, assigned her the position of helm until she got such craziness out of her head…

Erib is not a crazy person, just a little enthusiastic, a near-hopeless romantic with dreams of glory. Her superiors feel that she will eventually grow out of it and become a fine officer.

Erib th'Zarath

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