Esimed Monjare

Lionheart's Chief FCO


r-o2.pngName: Esimed Monjare
Assignment: Flight Control Ops
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species: Chameloid/Human
Gender: Female
Terran Age: 39 (born 2345)
Height: 1,77 meters (5’8")
Weight: 120 kgs (265 lbs)
Eyes: Golden – Amber
Hair: Auburn – Curls
Place of Birth: Chamlodare

Physical Appearance: By all outward appearances she is a fit human female with light skin tone, a crown of tight brown curls and golden eyes; specifically golden irises. Esimed’s Chameloid half allows her the ability to alter many aspects of her physical form, but she’s restricted to humanoid profiles and is not as proficient or versatile at shapeshifting as a full-blooded Chameloid. Due to her unique anatomy having a higher concentration of dense muscle mass and tractable bones, her body weight is considerably higher than would be expected of someone her size and remains constant regardless of assumed shape. She is a very solid woman, though she doesn’t appear it and in alternate forms she tries to avoid physical contact as the change is most believable when perceived by the eye alone.


History: When Esimed was ten years old her human mother (Mareen) passed away from complications during childbirth as did her stillborn brother. Her father (Jareth) was devastated and never got over the loss, pouring himself into his work as a physician among his people and intentionally avoiding time or company with his daughter who reminded him all to much of Mareen. Where previously her parents had collectively treated her as a unique individual with specific needs as a hybrid of their species, Esimed was now pushed into the traditional education and vocational training programs of Chameloid women where she failed miserably because they were not designed for people like her. Siting her poor performance and inability to formulate bonds with others, Jareth enrolled her in a military prep school (at a later age than most students) and after a time she found a tentative rapport among a few of the students. It was not an easy friendship and she was generally on the receiving end of their criticisms, but they did help her thrust her Chameloid heritage to the forefront and use it, mixed with the human aspects of her lineage to her advantage. Attempts to reconcile with her father over the years failed and they grew further apart. She was accepted into the Chameloid Alliance Naval Institute (CANI) where she trained and flew NAST Fighters (Nimble Approach Sharp Trajectory.) She excelled, either by natural talent or an unfair advantage due to her human biology, as claimed by the board. She graduated 2nd in her class, probably would have been first but for racial politics.

Jareth did attend her graduation of the Naval Institute, but she never saw him and he did not stick around to speak with her so she assumed he’d written her off. It was only after she’d left Chamlodare to pursue a career with the predominantly human Starfleet that she developed an appreciation for what her father had been going through and how much her own presence must have stung him in the absence of her mother.

The difficulties and inadequacies she faced growing up fueled her desire to excel. She focused on navigational courses throughout her Academy training and in her second year was accepted into Nova Squadron; the advanced cadet Flight training program. The Chameloid half of her makeup operates on instinct and awareness of where things are, where they go and where they’ll fit which likely explains her natural aptitude for spatial memory and orientation which are key to the movement of vessels through space. She struggled more with the hard sciences and required frequent tutoring from members of her Nova Squad; without whom it’s unlikely she’d have made it through the Academy. Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Pinnacle, a cadet training vessel, and she began to see what life as a Flight Control Op in Starfleet could really be. It was hectic and she flew fast shuttles in relatively straight lines. She was miserable. She was bored. She was a green behind the ear Ensign barely out of the Academy and her career was just getting started.

Education: [ Year : (Age) ]
2350 – 2358 General Education on Chamlodare (5-13)
2353 – 2365 Mandatory apprenticeship under Master Shifter (8-20)
2363 – 2367 Chameloid Naval Institute (18-22)
2367 – 2371 Starfleet Academy – San Francisco (Earth) (22-26)
Major – Astrophysics
Minor – Subspace Mechanics
2371 – 2372 Served aboard the USS Pinnacle, a cadet training vessel (26-27)
2372 – 2374 Advanced Space Strategy – San Francisco (27-29)

Service Record: [ Year : (Age) ]
2374 – 2376 Shuttle / Runabout Pilot – USS Dallas – Ensign (29-31)
2376 – 2379 Assistant Chief Shuttle / Runabout Pilot & First Contact Specialist – USS Guardian – promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade & Chief Shuttle / Runabout Pilot (31-34)
2379 – 2381 Flight Control Officer – USS Thall – promoted to Lieutenant (34-36)
2381 – 2384 Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer – USS Malinche (36-38)
2384 – **** Chief Flight Control Officer – USS Lionheart (39)

Esimed Monjare

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