Fen Nedere

Operations officer (NPC)



y-o2.pngRank: lieutenant j.g.
Age: 24
Height: 6’
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown

Fen is an attractive young man with a solid, athletic build and short dark hair


FAMILY: Din (Father), Meg (Mother), Dag (Grandfather, deceased)


Fen thought he had his entire life planned out ahead of him. Growing up under the tutelage of his Grandfather Dag while his parents served in Starfleet, the young man had aspirations of becoming a famous painter. And he showed true talent as well. Fen had an eye for color and had begun to develop his own sense of style when Dag died. Heartbroken, the teen was at a loss at what to do when his parents told him what they had expected.

He was supposed to enter Starfleet Academy.

It was an ideal solution, they thought. Both were stationed on vessels that did not have facilities for family, and Fen was far too smart to “waste” his time pursuing art like his Grandfather. Fen reluctantly joined the Academy, half expecting to fail.

To his surprise, he found he was pretty good at being a cadet. He picked up things quickly and he discovered that if he so chose he could become a fine Starfleet officer.

The question was, did he?


Fen is a conflicted soul. On the one hand, he is very good at his job. He is a polite, studious and observant officer who performs his duties well. On the other, he simply is not sure if he is where he belongs. While some people view his art as a passing fad or hobby (like his parents) Fen wants to devote more time to it to sharpen his skills.

Nevertheless, Fen does not allow his secret goals and desires interfere with his job. When on shift he is a hundred percent dedicated…except for the odd second or two when he sees a nebula or other unusual phenomena on the forward viewscreen and images what it would look like if put to canvas…


Fen is a highly organized individual with great multi-tasking skills. He is well acquainted with starship operating systems and has some knowledge of warp theory.

Fen is a talented painter who focuses more on realism and impressionism. There are already a few Fen works of art hanging up in several crew quarters.

Fen Nedere

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