Gral chim Tev

Lionheart's Chief Engineering Officer


y-o4.pngRace: Tellarite
Age: 39
Weight: 187 lbs
Hair/fur Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Gral is the fourth of five children to Colv and Worene chim Tev. His father owns a small electronics repair shop on Tellar, and working in his father’s shop ignited a passion for how things are made that Gral has never forgotten. His eldest sister, Bera, married a high-profile lawyer on Tellar; eldest brother Mor owns a small space freighter which he uses for collecting space salvage; brother Muso is a purchaser for an import-export company, and also is a talented player of the wyrinn, a woodwind instrument; youngest brother Terev, the change-of-life baby, is an immature, an itinerant merchant wandering from world to world selling small trinkets and looking for the one big score for him to make it rich.
Following his passion, Gral chose to get out from his oftentimes domineering family (face it, they’re Tellarites) and joined Starfleet. He excelled at his studies, particularly personal electronics, but he wanted to branch out into other types of electronics and engineering as well. He didn’t graduate with High Honors, but Gral did achieve Honors, and received the customary promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade. He served his Cadet cruise aboard the USS Indefatigable as an Engineering Specialist in Impulse Technologies.

After cadet life, he transferred to the USS Nikola Tesla, where he excelled in three different billets: Shipboard Systems, where he earned the Campbell Award for achievements in replicator systems technology; Shielding Technologies, winning the J. Bruce Award for achievements in cascade force field development; and Warp Technologies, earning the Jalhal Award for excellence in warp field studies as well as his promotion to full Lieutenant.
Toward the end of his tour on board the Tesla, his run of commendations drew the attention of the shipyards at Utopia Planitia, and they offered him a position as an Assistant Deputy Design Chief, helping to build the next generation of starships. He served two tours there, advancing to a full Deputy Chief of Design after five years, when he was awarded the Cochrane Medal of Excellence for starship design.

At the end of the second tour, despite a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, things were becoming stale for Gral, and his superiors advised time on board a starship in the field, where he could see the results of the designs he helped to bring to Starfleet in actual usage. So he was assigned the Chief Engineer position aboard the USS Lionheart, where he hoped to continue his career, wherever it might lead…

Gral chim Tev

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