Hans Adenaur

Derring-do captain (NPC)


r-o6.pngRank: Captain
Age: 46
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Hans is a solidly built man with thick black hair, rugged features, and piercing eyes that can make almost any subordinate quail. He often wears his uniform jacket undone halfway or open entirely to affect a more rakish/adventurous appearance.


NOTE: work in progress.

FAMILY: Fabrizia Assante (wife, divorced), Febe Claeys (wife, divorced), Fran (daughter)


Born in Innsbruck, Austria, Hans had shown a flair for daring and command from almost the first day at the Academy. Superiors noted his skills and it was almost like a warp engine was strapped to his back when it came to his career. Starfleet sensed a war with the Borg was inevitable and some admirals wanted to push warriors ahead of explorers. A series of young officers with a penchant for direct action were fast tracked to command. The war that Starfleet predicted did not happen; instead the Federation found itself thrown into a war with the Dominion. But it didn’t matter to Hans; an enemy was an enemy and he excelled at combat.

Perhaps too well.

Hans proved to be a brilliant tactician, but his reckless behavior meant any ship he was in command of was in the center of the action and his vessel and crew often paid the price. During the war no less than four vessels under Adenaur’s command were destroyed. Finally the war ended and Hans found himself policing the Cardassian border, struggling to adapt to peacetime.

It has not been easy…


Hans is a man of action, a leader of beings, a person who thrives when he has an enemy to fight or an obstacle to overcome. In peacetime he chaffs at the day-to-day dull routine of commanding a starship.

Hans considers himself quite the ladies man. Unfortunately for him his desire to “explore strange new worlds”, namely the bedrooms of other women, led to his divorces.


Has is a masterful tactician and an effective hand-to-hand combatant. He is also a crack shot with a phaser. Hans thinks he is a smooth seducer, but his attentions are normally drawn to women with low expectations so his success and purported talent in the bedroom is largely over rated.

Hans Adenaur

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