John Connagher

Rear Admiral (retired) (NPC)


Rank: Civilian
Age: 67
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Brown

Physical Description: John Connagher is a tall, spare man with short white hair and a matching bristling mustache. His expression can go from stern authoritarian to friendly uncle in a flash. These days Connagher wears comfortable civilian clothes leaning towards dark colors, with just a little dash of color (i.e. bright yellow collar).



John Connagher was born in Bearcreek, Montana to a single mother and seemed born to the saddle. As he grew up it seemed that he might make a career in the rodeo circuit, but early on John realized that simply being a performer would not be enough for him. He longed to travel and not just to different parts of Earth. Looking up at the sky, at the stars, he knew the only thing that would satisfy his longing was space. He joined Starfleet Academy and never looked back.

Connagher was not a very good student. He did not do well in science at all and he managed to survive the first year by the skin of his teeth, and he graduated near the bottom of his class. Instructors thought he was not going to go far. But something strange happened.

John Connagher excelled.

On his first away team mission he managed to diffuse a potentially explosive situation between a pompous lieutenant and some local natives, then turned around and gave his superior all the credit. The incident deflated the lieutenant’s ego and he in turn gave an honest appraisal of the young ensign’s abilities. From there the dashing young officer proved himself again and again, meeting every challenge and overcoming them. During the first Cardassian war he revealed his talent for combat, both on the ground and in space; he was an adept a warrior as he was a diplomat. It was no surprise that the man rose quickly through the ranks.

But time catches up to everyone and Connagher felt age slowing down his body and years of dark memories weighing upon his mind. He retired with honors, his eyes on a ranch in his native Montana.


John Connagher is a personable, charismatic man whose seemingly easy going nature hides a will of solid titanium. He is not afraid of doing what needs to be done and drowning his sorrows in a bottle of fine Kentucky bourbon afterwards.

In the past Connagher use to love to travel, to see what was beyond that metaphorical hill. These days all he wants is a stable gravitational pull beneath his boots and a mundane sunset to watch from his porch.


A man with almost fifty years of military experience, Connagher possesses a wide variety of talents and skills. He is an equally deft diplomat and tactician, a respected leader of beings. He is still a skilled horseback rider and has mastered riding several other beasts of burden (i.e. the wooly worm of Tarsus Lars Prime).

John Connagher

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