Lionheart's Chief Medical Officer (PC)


2370s_sci_ltcmdr.pngRank: Lieutenant
Age: 45
Height: 6"
Weight: 270 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Physical description: Looks big and beefy, but exercises regularly.


No one liked going to the doctors. Even though medicine had advanced greatly it was still uncomfortable to tell another person intimate details about your body, your sex life and all the illnesses your family members developed.

However, visiting the doctor on the USS Lionheart could be uncomfortable beyond those reasons because the Chief Medical Officer is a rather unique individual. His name is Klarth and he is a Klingon. That’s right, a member of the species best known for its skill at killing each other and others.

To say Klarth is not a typical Klingon would be an understatement, so it’s really not his species that makes him somewhat off putting, it’s actually his enthusiasm for medicine. You see there really is only one kind of Klingon that devotes his life to medicine, a fanatic! You see medicine is a field that takes more years of schooling then any other profession and yet carries very little prestige in Klingon culture.

Klarth is fanatical in that he sees Medicine as a more exciting battle then any war. And each new patient is a chance at glory worthy of writing Klingon ballads about.

And so when it turns out a patient doesnt have Rimeryn Fever, but only a common cold, it is a huge let down.

And Klarth loves to tell stories of his past glories in the most graphic way. Which most people find either frightening or disgusting.

He is very loyal to Starfleet and the crew of the Lionheart because they respect him, something very few people in the Klingon Empire ever did.

He practiced medicine on Kronos and on Klingon starships for 10 years before defecting and joining Starfleet so despite graduating the academy with honors he is still a bit set in his ways.

This is Klarth’s 3rd long term mission for Starfleet and his first as a CMO.

He is extremely loud and boisterous. He is typically downright jolly.

In his downtime he enjoy drinking and socializing. He is a very extroverted person the idea of spending the night in would rarely appeal to him. He also enjoys participating in any sorts of extreme sports or martial arts. The more dangerous the better.

To a human he might seem like a ferocious fighter do to his strength and midrange knowledge of various hand to hand combat styles, but to a Klingon he is an average fighter at best.


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