Lionheart's Emergency Medical Hologram (NPC)


Leonard appears as a Caucasian human male in his late middle years who stands 1.78 meters, he wears a Starfleet medical uniform from a century earlier.


When the Lionheart A returned from it’s travels in other dimensions it had been severely damaged. It’s original Emergency Medical Hologram’s core programming had been destroyed along with most of the medical staff. In order to save lives several programmers cobbled together a new hologram from a historical biographical program one crew member had along, one of Doctor Leonard McCoy. The new EMH was far from perfect; it only had access to a fraction of the original EMH’s database. But it was enough to save numerous lives. When the crew was rescued the new EMH should have been deleted, but Operations officer Jack Sunbear felt that it’s noble service meant it should be preserved from dissolution, he downloaded it and gave it to Devin Hadenbeer before heading out as Chief Operations Officer on the Valkyrie. When Devin Hadenbeer was taken on as a professional consultant on the Lionheart B she used “Leonard” as a physical therapist, and then later on as a replacement EMH.

These days Leonard has met all regulations and is Lionheart’s Emergency Medical Hologram.

PERSONALITY: Leonard possesses a gruff, plain speaking bedside, manner, he has little patience for “damn fool nonsense” and is not afraid to speak his mind even if it means being shut off as a result. Ironically, he distrusts heavy reliance upon technology to solve problems even though he himself is a product of some of the Federation’s greatest technological advancements. Unlike the original of which he is based upon, Leonard harbors little if an prejudice against Vulcans.


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