The Captain's Cat


Marta is a typical member of the Deneva Red species of cat. At one year old and seven pounds she is a lithe specimen with bright yellow eyes and a reddish-tan coat.


The Deneva red’s history dates back to the early days of the colonization of the planet Deneva. Originally descended from the Abyssinian cats and other breeds that had been brought along to aid in small pest control. A genetic quirk had caused one of these cats to have a red coat and she was quickly bred. After quite a few generations the “Deneva Red” had been born.

The Deneva Red resembles the Abyssinian but on average are two or three pounds lighter. They are bright, inquisitive cats that love company and like to play and climb. Marta is a typical example of this breed who has taken a liking to both Captain Hadenbeer and her niece Dare.


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