Marty Connagher


r-o1.pngRank: Ensign
Age: 25
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 170
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical description: Marty Connagher spends most of his time in a chair, and until very recently, he’s had the physique to prove it. Not particularly tall or muscular, he’s slightly doughy around the middle, a remnant from his pre-Starfleet days. When not in uniform, Marty wears t-shirts (usually stained orange from replicated Cheeto dust), shorts, and comfy tribble-skin slippers—a gift from his mother.



Marty is one of the most gifted pilots to have ever come through Starfleet. According to his instructors and classmates, he was always a natural when it came to flight control, his fingers and hands dancing across the console at the speed of thought. Interestingly, those talents were honed well before he took his first class—for about six years, Marty was known throughout the Alpha Quadrant as the top player in Wing Fury Online, one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Space Sim Shooters ever released.

If you’d asked Marty about his future career plans while he was in high school, he’d probably have replied, “hang on a sec, I’m in the middle of a game.” Generally speaking, school held little interest for Marty, and planning for the future even less so. Living in a society with virtually unlimited resources didn’t do much to inspire any of Marty’s latent ambitions. Even though he was plenty smart, and quick as a whip, he didn’t see much point in performing well in school. Content to live comfortably in his mother’s basement, Marty looked forward to graduating high school and finally having the opportunity to play video games full time.

Then, without warning, his dream was dead. At the request of his mother, Marty’s Uncle John visited from Montana and delivered the bad news: he was joining Starfleet.

Despite Marty’s plans (or, really, lack thereof), Marty’s mom Janette wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic. Wanting to have the house to herself, Janette called her brother-in-law, retired Admiral John Connagher, asking if he could help find a place for Marty at the Academy. Connagher’s pull, and his desire to do right by his family, helped him convince the higher-ups in Starfleet to make an exception for Marty. Sure, his grades were mediocre. And he had a lousy attitude. And, well, he was kinda on the fat side.

But they were convinced when Connagher showed them his unwavering position on the Wing Fury Online leaderboards and booked his room at the Academy. With no other prospects for his future, and no other place to stay, Marty packed his bag (and his gamepads) and went off to join Starfleet.

Once he was enrolled, Marty’s leaderboard position suffered—he dropped to third place, a blemish on his record that still leaves him fuming. As far as his performance at the Academy was concerned, however, he managed to leave his instructors utterly amazed at the ease with which he took to flying aircrafts of all types—small fighters, shuttlecrafts, and even full starships. Meanwhile, his utter indifference toward anything besides flying kept him on the edge of washing out more than a few times. The physical training that comes with work at the Academy helped him shed the spare tire he’d carried around his midsection since junior high school, but in his off-hours he still tried to pack in all the hours of hardcore gaming he could muster.

He graduated with no honors or distinctions, but his flying skills remained the stuff of legend. While he may have lost the first place position on the Wing Fury Online leaderboards, Marty found himself in high demand from nearly every captain in Starfleet. To Marty, this was all just part of playing the game.


Marty isn’t quite antisocial per se; after all, he’s had to work closely with gamers on hundreds of worlds to keep his gaming reputation intact. However, it’s difficult for him not to respond to most situations with sarcastic or flippant remarks. While his few friends from the Academy value his wit and bottomless well of references from the last two centuries of sketch comedy, those qualities haven’t endeared him to very many of his colleagues at his various postings. Time will tell if anyone will manage to mold him into a proper officer—or simply accept him for the talented weirdo that he’s determined to remain.


Marty has a knack for flying just about any aircraft, the result of spending every waking moment playing flight simulators and video games on his computer. As a fortunate side-effect, Marty’s also fairly adept with most kinds of computers and electronic interfaces. Foreign languages aren’t really much of a barrier to him either, as he’s played video games imported from nearly every culture and planet throughout the Alpha Quadrant—not to mention having spent just about every night screaming at players all over the galaxy during deathmatches. Without even trying, he learned nearly every swear word in Klingon, Romulan, and Tellarite, and he has an Andorian penpal who hooks him up with some of the weirdest anime he’s ever seen.
He’s a fierce competitor, and will stop at nothing to be the best pilot. But once he’s left the flight controls, don’t expect him to attend any orchestral performances in Ten Forward.

Marty Connagher

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