McKinley Volante

Sensor Technician (NPC)




McKinley is a stunningly handsome man who stands 1.8 meters tall with an athletic build, he has clear gray eyes and thick blonde hair. He has a winning smile and an easy manner.


McKinley was one of those guys who had gotten by largely on his looks and charm his entire life, so when he was admitted into Starfleet Academy he was shocked that it wasn’t going to work for him there. For the first time he was faced with what looked like insurmountable challenges. Worse, it looked like he was going to have to face them alone as no amount of charm could aid him in getting others to do his classwork for him. It looked like he was going to wash out his first year. Fortunately for him one of his instructors sat down with him and gave him a good heart-to-heart, that yes, maybe he would wash out, but there was no shame in that if he gave it his all. The shame was to assume he was not good enough at the outset. McKinley knuckled down and worked hard and he squeaked by that first year. In fact, every year he barely squeaked by and graduated at the bottom of his class. Normally someone with that record was assigned planetside in some inoffensive job.

But it seemed McKinley’s abilities to use his looks and charm could still be used to good effect…

PERSONALITY: Actually, McKinley is a decent guy. While he is good at sweet talking women he is more of a flirt than a philanderer. He is a hard worker who substitutes talent with tenacity and sometimes that’s enough. And while his scores at the Academy were terrible it was due more to academic courses involving things like history and the like; when it comes to technical subjects he’s actually pretty competent.

McKinley Volante

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