Miles Tchulka

enlisted security guard (NPC)



Miles is a large man, he stands two meters tall and weighs 130 kilos. He keeps his dark brown hair cut short and often sports a goatee and long sideburns.


Miles had never been a very good student. It was not that he was stupid, just that he found being forced to learn a bunch of subjects he didn’t think he’d ever use ever made much sense. So when his uncle-who had been in Starfleet for some years-suggested he sign up and go to space it sound a lot better than working in the family fishery or driving a tour boat on Risa or something really boring.

The recruiter discovered that Miles had a talent for violence and could administer it with precision. He was a mediocre phaser shot but his hand to hand scores were off the charts. They took a raw talent and turned him into a lethal engine of destruction, able to break or subdue some of the most powerful aliens with the proper allocation of force. Miles discovered he liked shipboard life…provided he got enough leave time to “let off steam”.

PERSONALITY: Miles is an easy going guy, a stoic sort that says little and lets his hands do most of the talking for him. He has no respect for anyone stupid enough to not take him seriously and he figures anyone dumb enough not to realize just how dangerous he is deserves whatever they get.

Miles Tchulka

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