Patrick O'Rilley

Lionheart's Chief Medical Officer


t-o3.pngAge: 32 Height: 6’2" Weight: 215 Pounds Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Physical Appearance: Patrick is tall and lean with a very muscular physique. His hair is kept short and his eyes are a deep blue. He has started to show some gray hair, though not very noticeable at this point.


Place of Birth: Mars
SKills: Medicine (including advanced Surgery), Veterinary Medicine (including some common alien animals), Shuttle Pilot, Hand-to-Hand (Defensive) combat skills, Marksman Level with all Star Fleet Phasers and Klingon Disruptor

Patrick was the only child of Melissa (Sakovic) O’Rielly and James O’Rilley. He also spent a lot of time with his Grandparents Ema (Christianson) Sakovic and Ivan Sakovic. Both Melissa and James were members of Star Fleet. Melissa was one of the bases Nurses and James was part of the Base Security. From each, as well as school, he learned much of his basics like Math and Science. His mother did also work on anatomy and other medical information with him. His father, on the other hand, encouraged Patrick in more physical endeavors. He taught Patrick how to use various phasers as well as how to defend himself. Both parents agreed on one aspect, and that was no starting a fight. They taught Patrick to respect others and to try to be a good person. They taught him to respect life in all it’s forms. When Patrick was a bit older (13) his father sat him down and told him how, as part of Base Security, he had to take a life on a couple of occasions. “It is not something I am proud of,” his father said, “but it is part of my job and something I had to do. Remember, there may come a time when you have no other choice. If you have to take a life to save yourself, or more importantly, to protect others, then you do what you must.” Though young, Patrick understood and had great respect for his father, especially the emphasis his father put on protecting others.
Patrick spent many summers with his grandparents on earth. Neither had been part of Star Fleet, but were both well educated and energetic. Ema was a veterinarian and Ivan was an Engineer. They had long since retired and moved to North Dakota where they owned a large piece of land about 100 miles north of Bismark, ND. During his visits Patrick would go on long hikes with both grandparents and enjoyed the outdoors immensely. The wide range of wild life and plant life, stuff he could not see on Mars, kept him occupied for hours on end. His grandmother would often allow him to help with some of her veterinary procedures. At other times he would help his grandfather fixing things around the ranch.
When it came time to sign up for Star Fleet academy, Patrick was more then eager to do it. It meant more time on earth where he could enjoy the outdoors, as well as his chance to begin his Medical Training. Patrick, thanks to the start his mother and grandmother had given him, was among the top of his class academically. He was also at the top physically, thanks to his father and the long hikes he would take with his grandparents. A few years into his training, the war with the Dominion broke out. A call went out for volunteers to enter some advanced combat training classes. Among these classes was the Combat Medic Class. Patrick volunteered immediately, his fathers words of protecting and helping others behind his decision. Both of his parents, though Melissa was worried for his safety, were proud of his decision and backed him completely.
Within a couple of months, Patrick was sent to join the Federation Combined Planetary Assault Forces. He was assigned to a unit made up of mostly Humans and Klingons, with a couple Vulcans and a few Bajorans. They fought in many battles across several planets in the Bajoran sector. During these conflicts Patrick earned a reputation as a fearless medic, putting himself in harms way to help wounded soldiers, both friendly and enemy. At first the Klingons would call him stupid (or worse) for helping the enemy. This slowly changed to respect, especially when he fought off two Cardassians to save a wounded Klingon warrior. This incident, though many called him a hero, is something that Patrick avoids talking about. He wound up killing both of the Cardassians, one by accident and the other intentionally. As he was dragging the Klingon towards friendly lines, the two Cardassians jumped out and attacked. Patrick quickly spun around and avoided their first strikes. He was able to kick one of them in the knee, forcing him off balance. The Cardassian then tripped over the Klingons unconscious body and fell, landing on a sharp outcropping of stone, impaling himself. The second Cardassian kept swinging his knife at Patrick, who kept dodging and backing away. Finally, when the Cardassian lunged for Patrick’s belly, Patrick spun to the side, grabbed the Cardassian’s arm and pulled him forward. Patrick then quickly grabbed the Cardassian’s had and twisted it with all his strength. There was a loud snap as the Cardassian’s neck broke and his body went limp. Patrick stood there for a moment catching his breath before he realized that there was a Vulcan and Klingon standing there. The Klingon came over and patted Patrick on the shoulder, adding a Klingon congratulations before picking up the unconscious Klingon that Patrick was dragging. The Vulcan came over and asked how Patrick was doing, to which Patrick simply said, “I’ve had better days.”
After the war with the Dominion, Patrick returned to the Academy a decorated hero, something he preferred not to talk about. When he finished his classes he was assigned to the USS Pegasus as an Assistant Chief of Medical. After a short stint there he was selected by the Captain of the Lionheart to fill an opening for Chief of Medical.
When not in his office, Patrick can be found in the Holodeck running one of his outdoor programs or in the Hydroponics bay where he prefers the natural oxygen the plants give off. He also spends several hours a week training in self defense, learning Vulcan pressure point techniques, Jiu-Jitsu or Klingon Hand to Hand skills. He still prefers to avoid carrying weapons, and often will not unless ordered to by the Captain or XO.

Patrick O'Rilley

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