Piotr Varga


y-o3.pngPiotr is a tall, spare man who stands 1.83 meters. He has thin gray hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. His expression is such that one might think if he smiled his face might split in two. He is always perfectly groomed and never seen out of uniform. For some reason whenever he enters a room it feels as if the temperature drops five degrees.


The Dominion War left scars upon millions of civilians and Piotr Varga was no exception. A successful and well respected civil engineer on the planet of Cestus Moretti, the planet was taken by the Jem Hadar and millions were thrown into internment camps. Conditions were harsh as Starfleet worked to shift the front to regain the planet and perhaps if the citizenry had been patient there would have been fewer reprisals. But a rebel movement arose and sabotaged key Jem Hadar installations. Punitive action was swift and brutal, and among the people slain were Piotr’s family. When Starfleet liberated the planet he signed up despite his advanced age. He was taken on as a civilian specialist and did his part. At war’s end he applied to Starfleet Academy. Normally a person of his age would not have been considered, or if so he would have been taken on as a non-commissioned officer. But in the wake the war Starfleet needed warm bodies and Varga possessed a keen mind, he was seen as an able administrator. He graduated from the Academy a year ahead and took on his new duties with a will, his lazer-like focus upon his job and little else.

Now approaching retirement age, Piotr does not speak of what he plans to do once he is cashiered. In fact, he does not speak much at all outside of that which is work related.

Personality and skills: Piotr is a private man, one who hides his grief behind a wall of stoic professionalism. He is highly efficient and proud of that fact, an able administrator who also possesses extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of Starfleet’s bureaucracy as well as the operating systems of starships.

Piotr Varga

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