Lionheart B's Chief (NPC)



Blu_MastCh_Petty_2373.pngRank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Age: 78
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: S’Lace is lean Vulcan woman with piercing blue eyes and a somber expression on her face that hints at a long, turbulent life. Despite that she projects an air of calm and quiet confidence and competence. She wears her hair in a bun or pony tail, depending upon her preference that morning.


FAMILY: Stel (Husband, deceased), San (son, deceased), T’Freja (daughter, deceased), T’Pral (daughter, deceased)


S’Lace had always been a restless sort of person, a less charitable person would have called her impatient. It was this “impatience” that made her a poor student when it came to mastering mental disciplines, and what caused her to join Starfleet directly rather than enter the Academy, she became a medical technician and over the decades proved her worth. After some years she retired and focused on joining her husband in raising their children.

The problem? The planet they chose was part of the Cardassian DMZ. S’Lace had headed out with other colonists to aid trapped miners, when she returned home she found it burned to the ground, her husband and four children dead.

And S’Lace went a little insane.

She joined the Maquis and was involved in numerous conflicts with Cardassian military forces. She was finally captured by Starfleet and incarcerated, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because while she was imprisoned the Dominion war began and the Jem Hadar wiped out those Maquis still at large. S’Lace was offered a choice; re-join Starfleet or remain in prison. By now S’lace’s rage had faded and she had regained some measure of equilibrium and she opted to reactivate her old rank. By war’s end she decided to stay within Starfleet, as she felt she had no place else.


S’Lace is a somber personality who is all about duty. She uses her work to take her mind off of the past, of the family she had lost and the atrocities she was responsible for in the aftermath. Regardless of what sometimes seems to be a cold, driven exterior, when attending the wounded she can exude an air of quiet calm and peace.


S’Lace possesses a strong will but she has not taken steps to hone it to develop the more sophisticated mental abilities some Vulcans are known for (i.e. the Vulcan Mind Meld). She is able induce sleep and relieve pain in weakened minds (i.e. those who are wounded), and as a natural telepath she can sometimes pic up surface thoughts when touching someone.

S’Lace has considerable experience with surviving and thriving in both desert and mountainous environments. She is also a very competent hand-to-hand combatant and has considerable experience in using the Vulcan Ahn Woon (a type of whip, a leather strips with metal weights at the end), and wears one around her waist beneath her tunic.

S’Lace is an experienced medical technician, specializing in emergency care, and is able to call upon years of practical experience. She has some experience with games of chance; in the old days she was a fierce stud poker player.


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