S.V. Jones


Age: 75
Height: 5’ 10"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: S.V. Jones is a fit man of late years, he is grizzled and seldom smiles and possesses a piercing stare that can freeze the blood of most crewmen.




Few beings, officers or enlisted, have had as storied a career as S.V. Jones. Vast amounts of his file have been redacted. All that is known is that he was transferred to the Lionheart a year prior to it’s decommissioning after serving for many years in a wide variety of fields across the Federation on different ships and stations. Many of these postings were noted a banal assignments yet the awards in Jones’ service jacket implies a career of high risk assignments. Jones was recently re-instated to his former rank of Master Chief but with the return of S’Lace to the ship he has returned to the life of a simple bartender.


Jones (No one knows what the “S.V.” stands for, another item that has been redacted from his file.) is a taciturn and sometimes ill tempered individual who possesses little patience with foolish crewmen and even more foolish officers. Despite his abrasive exterior he does have a soft spot for some people in his life; most recently he had developed a grandfatherly affection for Dare Hadenbeer.


Jones possesses a plethora of skills covering a wide range of subjects. He is intimately familiar with almost all star ship systems, possesses extensive skill in hand to hand combat (although many of those skills have atrophied due to disuse due to his age) and is a marksman with phaser pistol and rifle. He is able to speak numerous languages and possesses basics in others. If Jones is talented in other fields that information is redacted.

Jones has a vast array of contacts through and outside Starfleet.

S.V. Jones

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