Samson Sevenstar

Astrophysicist (NPC)




Samson is a tall, broad shouldered, muscular specimen of humanity, with black hair and intense brown eyes. He is often seen wearing a feather in his hair to honor his Cherokee heritage.


Samson had been born and raised on the Federation Dorvan V colony and he had planned on making a future for himself there…until the Federation had “betrayed” the colony by restructuring their border with the Cardassian Union and placed his home in their territory. His family decided to leave rather than place themselves under the control of a potentially hostile government and they relocated to Deneva, at least temporarily until they decided what to do next. What happened next horrified Samson when he discovered the Cardassians began to oppress his friends. He wanted to go join the Maquis and fight, but his parents stopped their headstrong son. It turned out to be the right decision, as the Dominion swept in a few years later and killed every Maquis member, save for those who had been on Voyager. Samson was disheartened; the Federation failed them, but his Father pointed out that the reason the treaty had been made in the first place was Starfleet had been concerned about The Borg and had tried to settle any and all issues with their potentially hostile neighbors. Had The Maquis not been formed the Cardassian Union’s government might not have grown weak, giving The Dominion a chance to take them over. In the end, Starfleet had been right, his people had been wrong, allowing headstrong pride and a foolish faith in a foreign power to rule their actions.

Sevenstar decided to join Starfleet and he has never regretted the decision.

PERSONALITY: Samson is a diligent officer with the skills and instincts of a good scientist. He is careful not to form theories without facts and he is a firm believer in studying all the aspects of a problem before coming to a decision. For him emotions have no place in science.

Samson Sevenstar

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