Sinjir Velus

Lionheart's CMO


Yel_Lt_2373.pngSinjir stands at 5’6, 170 lbs, he has black hair and brown eyes and a goatee that has small flecks of gray in it. He is 31 years old, but is coming up on his 32nd birthday. He appears to be heavily influenced by scientists of previous eras, having portraits of William Harvey, Francesco Redi, Rosalind Franklin, and Rudolf Virchow in his room.


He got into medicine just like his father, Russ Velus. Sinjir studied medicine at Harvard Medical School. He decided to join Starfleet so that he could learn new skills, see new places, and study new anatomies unseen to humans. After his transfer to Starfleet Medical Academy he realized his dream could come true, but he was going to have to work hard to get sent on one of the ships being sent on an exploration mission. While going to school at the Academy he participated in Swordsmanship for Extracurricular.

After graduation he was posted on Starbase 12 to support the extensive medical facilities there. During his time at Starbase 12 he learned a lot about how different species being locked in a starbase together can affect each of their immune systems and how pathogens are spread. He also picked up playing racquetball as a way to fill up his free time. His parents came out to visit him on Starbase 12 from time to time, but he didn’t make it back to Earth very often. He did visit Risa a few times on vacation. He met a Risian female, Kelyn, and after dating her for a year they ended up getting married on Risa. Sinjir also took the time to learn the Risan language. Kelyn lived with him on Starbase 12 until he got transferred to his next duty station. Shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant he was transferred off of Starbase 12.

Sinjir’s next station was on Earth at Starfleet Medical. He helped teach at the Academy as well as working in one of the many treatment wards. His wife, Kelyn, moved with him to Earth. During his time on Earth Sinjir and Kelyn adopted two children, Lyllen and Arthur, at the ages of 1 and 2 respectively. Lyllen is a Risian female and Arthur is a Human male. They knew they would not be able to conceive their own children due to how different their species are internally and resorted to adoption. While Sinjir was on Earth he applied to become the CMO of a starship. The first time he applied he was denied because he was too junior. He waited for some time while going through classes on new surgery techniques that had come out while he was gone. On his second time applying for a CMO billet he finally got approved and he prepared for his next command, the USS Lionheart. Sinjir’s wife and children stayed on Earth when he transferred out to the USS Lionheart.

Sinjir Velus

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