Lionheart's XO


Telev is a typical Andorian male, he possesses light blue skin and white hair and possesses a lean build.r-o5.png


Commander Telev joined Starfleet because he believed the prestige of the Imperial Guard had been in decline for many years as more and more of the things they used to do were handled by the Federation. He also believed that humans were often too trusting and thought that Andorians were better not only at deception but at rooting it out.

Telev’s original bridge position was Security/Tactical on the Tomahawk. During this time, in addition to honing his deductive skills, he studied his superiors. He learned the various command responsibilities and how to preform them, so that by the time he was accepted into command school it was already second nature.

Part of the reason he was accepted into command school was that on a Tomahawk away mission gone bad the command officer was murdered during a first contact gone wrong and Telev found himself in charge of the away mission and managed to stay cool under fire and get the rest of the team to safety.

On his last long-term mission aboard the Poseidon he was the 2nd officer. There were several occasions where he was briefly in command during tense situations such as a skirmish with the Breen.

Telev is very loyal to his close friends and crew members. But he is often very suspicious of outsiders.

He is thrilled to be the Lionheart’s 1st officer. He sees the position as 1) supporting and enacting the Captain’s decisions. 2) Offering the Captain a different perspective when asked. 3) Focusing on the day to day crew and ship business so the Captain can be focused on the bigger picture.

He is especially excited to be serving under Captain Hadenbeer because he wants to learn all he can from her so that in 5 years or so he might be ready to be a captain himself.


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