The Wicked Witch


“The Wicked Witch” is an attractive woman of mixed race. Being of human and Orion origin her skin is green and her eyes a light blue, with black long hair. She is almost always seen wearing black outfits, mostly functional jumpsuits, although she does tend to wear ostentatious hats.


Almost nothing is known of the origins of the woman known as The Wicked Witch. Her name implies that her background is Terran in origin; the fictional character comes from a book written by an twentieth century Earth author named Frank L. Baum. Her ships are always called The Baum’s Revenge and it is known she has had several in her long and storied career. In every case the ship is painted a lurid green, brighter and more outrageous than the greens preferred by the Klingons and Romulans (although during attacks witnesses have assumed her ship to be of Klingon or Romulan origin).

The Wicked Witch’s crew consists of a wide variety of races; she does not appear to discriminate. She is ruthless in battle and has either some sort of military background or some training because during conflicts with pirate hunters of various nations she has shown herself to be quite adept at combat and evasion.

The most popular theory regarding The Wicked Witch’s origin is that her father, presumably a human, fell in love with her mother, presumably some slave girl, and the two had run off together, where she was raised on some secluded planet. Her parents were slain and she took to a life of crime and revenge. While it does sound like some romantic notion there does seem to be some basis in fact, as she was once cut in a bar fight and some of her DNA was recovered. It does show she is indeed of mixed parentage. A study of Earth databases showed no matches, while the Orion’s refuse to share what they might known.

The Wicked Witch operates almost exclusively within The Triangle, although she has staged raids into various territories if the risk merited the potential profit.

The Wicked Witch

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