Waclaw Willem

Young medical doctor (NPC)


Waclaw is a lean, athletic young man with a mop of auburn hair and blue-gray eyes, he has a scar on the left cheek from a fencing accident which he has never fixed because he finds it makes him look “dashing”.


Willem was born in Newport, Wales, and had a rather boring childhood. In his teenage years he had grown rather obsessed with a medical drama: Greer MD, the stories of a Starfleet “medical troubleshooter” who with his team of “medical adventurers” would travel to distant stars to solve medical mysteries that went beyond conventional science. The drama was not very realistic but it inspired Willem to pursue a career as a doctor. He entered Starfleet and found that reality was not like the medical drama but he was nevertheless taken up with romantic notions of being a doctor on a starship. He graduated from Starfleet Medical in the top ten percent of his class, the only criticism by his instructors being that he was a bit of a romantic.

PERSONALITY: Willem is a dedicated doctor with his romantic streak still largely unchanged. He is fascinated by medical mysteries and his hobbies include fencing and rock climbing. He is fluent in Welsh and knows a little Vulcan and Klingon.

Waclaw Willem

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