William Lei Mei

Security crewman (NPC)


William is a physically fit man in his early forties, he radiates an air of implacable calm in the face of any crisis.


William had been more or less a drifter for most of his life, leading a directionless existence working on various cargo ships across the Federation. Then the Dominion War happened and while he had never been a patriot even he could see the threat the invaders represented. He signed up as a Starfleet crewman and served bravely, although is penchant for breaking rules meant any time he received a promotion it usually meant a demotion not soon after. A counselor suggested it was due to an inherent fear of responsibility, which earned that counselor a black eye…and William receiving thirty days in the brig and a demotion.

PERSONALITY: William is an easy going man who likes his job. When on duty he is all business, but when off he has been known to party a little too hard. He might truly fear being in a position of authority, but he is not afraid of responsibility, his loyalty to his friends is without question.

William Lei Mei

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