Lionheart's soundtrack

I like to think of Lionheart like a Star Trek television series or movie franchise, and what t.v. series or motion picture lacks a soundtrack?

Other than an art house film that is.

Below are links to some of the music that I think fits the Lionheart game. If you come across a particular song or film/television score that you think is appropriate perhaps I can add it to the list? Only please no obvious pieces of music, please! I don’t think a piece from John Wililam’s Star Wars soundtrack would be appropriate, for example.

Star Trek Generations, Overture

Serenity, I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar

Dredd, She’s A Pass

Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel, Don’t Give Up

Disturbed, The Light

Metric, The Shade

Pop Evil, Waking Lions

Titan A.E., Start Running, Keep Running

Titan A.E., Don’t Lose ’Em

Titan A.E. It’s Up To You

Titan A.E., Power Struggle

Treasure Planet, To The Spaceport

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Treacherous Journey

Steamboy, The Chase

Steamboy, Launch!

Minority Report, Everybody Runs!

Timeline, Enter the Wormhole

The Iron Giant, An Outing

The Incredible Hulk, They’re Here

The Chronicles of Riddick, One Speed

Lionheart's soundtrack

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