Deck Listing

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Located in deck one, the Bridge is a standard configuration. From left to right the stations are: Tactical, Counseling, Helm, the Captain’s chair, Operations, First Officer’s chair, and Science. There are various reconfigurable stations along the back.


Deck one is also home to the conference room and ready room.

Deck 2: Junior officers quarters

Deck 3: Impulse engines, phaser array, officers mess

Deck 4: Shuttle bays, holodecks, senior officers quarters

(Non-commissioned, junior and senior officers quarters are smaller on average than other Starfleet vessels of similar size.)

Deck 5: Shuttle bay support, Transporter Room One, gymnasium

Deck 6: Transporter Rooms, Two and Three, crew quarters, crew mess

(To conserve space the Chariot class’ crew quarters were designed to be a bit spartan compared to other vessels her size, thus making the class a bit unpopular in some circles.)

Deck 7: Transporter Rooms Four and Five, crew quarters

(An example of one of Lionheart’s Transporter Rooms.)

Deck 8: Diplomatic quarters and facilities. The Lion’s Heart, Hadenbeers’ quarters.


Deck 9: Medical and bio labs, phaser array

Deck 10: Sickbay, morgue

(Second image created by Trakker at Deviant Art).

11 Forward torpedo launcher, torpedo storage

12 astrometrics


Deck 13: Computer core

Deck 14: Computer core


Deck 15: Impulse Engines

Deck 16: torpedo storage, cargo bays

Deck 17: Aft torpedo launcher, cargo bays

Deck 18: Main Engineering , Engineering support laboratories


Deck 19: Cargo bays

Deck 20: Dorsal docking port

Deck 21: Power distribution

Deck 22: Cargo bays

Deck 23: Science labs

Deck 24: Science labs

Deck 25: Science labs

Deck 26: Science labs

(Samples of Lionheart’s labs)

Deck 27: Emergency water supply

Deck 28: Cargo bay

Deck 29: Deuterium fuel pumps and fill port

Deck 30: Life support

Deck 31: Life support

Deck 32: Emergency batteries

Deck 33: Deuterium injection reactor

Deck 34: Deuterium fuel storage

Deck 35: Deuterium fuel storage

Deck 36: Cargo bay

Deck 37: Environmental support

Deck 38: Environmental support

Deck 39: waste management

Deck 40: Brig

Deck 41: Antimatter injection reactors

Deck 42: Antimatter storage pods

Deck 43: Antimatter storage pods

Most images courtesy of Ex Astris Scientia

Deck Listing

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