Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot? TSo far there have been two complete adventures, you can find them in the Adventure Log portion of the site. The current plot involves the ship traveling to Talos IV (And yes, the GM is aware that Talos IV is a plot element in Star Trek, Discovery. The GM doesn’t watch STD and it’s a coincidence. Honest. Really. He swears it.).

What is the tone of the game? I am hoping the game’s tone will be a mixture of action, adventure, drama, problem solving. I dislike purely military themed games as that does not fit Star Trek’s tone (Yes, Star Trek II does have military tones, but there is so much more to that film than two ships slugging it out.).

When does the game take place? Where? Star Trek: Lionheart takes place in the original ‘Trek universe, not JJ Abrams’, five years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, so that’s 2384.

How do I play? Discuss with the GM (That’s me) what sort of character you would like to run, and if can come up with a concept with both can live with then submit a write up to me. Once a character is approved you can play!

The game is run via e-mail. I have tried play by post and using the Nova system and I am not a fan of either.

Does the game use an established role playing game system like FASA or the like? No, it does not. Lionheart is a systemless game.

What is canon and what is not? There are literally hundreds of Star Trek novels, as well as hundreds of television episodes stretching out across six series (Yes, I’m including The Animated Series in that) as well as ten motion pictures. With all that material it is nearly impossible for any one person to have read and seen a substantial portion of that body of fictional work, I know I have read only a fraction of the Star Trek novels.

For that reason I am going to keep the scope relatively narrow where Lionheart is concerned. The only movies that are canon are the ones that came before the JJ Abrams reboot. The only television series that is not canon are Enterprise and Discovery.

Yes, I would consider The Animated Series canon before I would Enterprise.

As for the books, I will take those on a case-by-case basis. The Titan series was mentioned on the Lionheart vessel page, for example.

What kind of characters are allowed? I dislike non-canon species due to some unfortunate incidents in the past. In one game someone was literally playing a “space angel”. So I am extremely reluctant to allow non-canon races in my game. I am also reluctant to allow players to run species with powers an abilities that can be unbalancing to the campaign, such as androids or rescued Borgs. If you have an idea for a character pitch it to me, I might make an exception.

Marines are not allowed in this game. Ever. Fictional ones, I mean. If you are a Marine in real life, then God bless you and keep safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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